Welcome! I am a post-doctoral researcher in Wang Lab in Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. I obtained my Ph.D. in Economics from Lehigh University in 2020. I am advised by Professor Shin-Yi Chou from Lehigh University and Professor Li-San Wang from the University of Pennsylvania. My dissertation won Lehigh University 2020 Elizabeth V. Stout Dissertation Award.
I am on the job market and will be available for interview at the ASSA 2022 meeting.

Research Interests

My interdisciplinary background allows for a variety of possibilities for my research. My research explores diverse themes in applied econometrics spanning from health economics, labor economics to development economics, and inter-disciplinary genoeconomics projects incorporating genetic data into studies on economic behaviors. My current and future work fall into three broad themes:
  • Investigating the missing diversity in the scientific community and how it shapes the evolution in science.
  • Applying the Mendelian randomization in human genetics to economics, assessing the influences of gene-environment interactions on individuals' preference and behavior, and quantifying the associated social or economic consequence.
  • Evaluating the (unintended) effects of public policies on the disadvantaged population.

Contact information

  • Email: Fuwei@pennmedicine.upenn.edu
  • D101 Richards Building, 3700 Hamilton Walk, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 19104.