Recent Submission

  • NIH Grant Expansion, Ancestral Diversity and Scientific Discovery in Genomics Research. Under Review.
    Wei Fu, Shin-Yi Chou, and Li-San Wang, 2022.
    Award: 2020 Elizabeth V. Stout Dissertation Award, Lehigh University.

  • A Single Dose For Me, A Big Protection For Us: Culture, COVID Vaccination Eligibility Expansion, and Public Health. Under Review.
    Wei Fu, Shin-Yi Chou, and Li-San Wang, 2022.

  • Culture, Policy Obedience, and Virus Spread: Evidence from The Anti-COVID Efforts in The United States. Under Review.
    Cheng Chen, Wei Fu, Ying-Min Kuo, and Yuanting Wu, 2022.

  • Sharing Benefits Not Risks? Estimating Household Sharing Behaviors Using Two Quasi-Natural Experiments in China. R&R at Economic Development and Cultural Change.
    Wei Fu, Shin-Yi Chou, and Cheng Chen, 2021.
    Conference Presentation: The 2019 meetings of Society of Economics of the HOusehold (SEHO), Lisbon, Portugal, May 2019; Chinese Economist Society North America Annual Conference, Athens, GA, April 2018; Eastern Economic Association 44th Annual Conference, Boston, MA, March 2018.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Unemployment Benefits, Food Insecurity, and SNAP Spending
    Wei Fu, Chen Huang, and Feng Liu, 2022. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, forthcoming.
    Conference Presentation: APPAM 2020 Virtual Conference, July 2020.

  • Alzheimer’s Disease Variant Portal (ADVP): A Catalog of Genetic Findings for Alzheimer’s Disease
    Pavel P. Kuksa, Chia-Lun Liu, Wei Fu, Liming Qu, Yi Zhao, Zivadin Katanic, Amanda B Kuzma, Pei-Chuan Ho, Kai-Teh Tzeng, Otto Valladares, Shin-Yi Chou, Adam C Naj, Gerard D Schellenberg, Yuk Yee Leung, and Li-San Wang. Co-first author. 2022. Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease. 86(1):461-477
    website: Alzheimer’s Disease Variant Portal

  • Reconcile the Debate Over Protective Effects of BCG Vaccine against COVID-19
    Wei Fu, Pei-Chuan Ho, Chia-Lun Liu, Kai-Teh Tzeng, Nawar Nayeem, Jonni S. Moore, Li-San Wang, and Shin-Yi Chou. 2021, Scientific Reports 11(1):1-9.

  • Unemployment Insurance and Cigarette Smoking
    Wei Fu, and Feng Liu, 2019. Journal of Health Economics 63:34-51.
    Conference Presentation: Eastern Economic Association 44th Annual Conference, Boston, MA, March 2018; International Health Economic Association Congress, Boston, MA, July 2017; Eastern Economic Association 43th Annual Conference, New York, NY, March 2017.
    Award: 2019 Doctoral Publication Award, Department of Economics, Lehigh University.

Publications in Chinese Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • Migration Control Policy in Megalopolis, School Enrollment Requirement and Children Left-behind (特大城市人口调控政策、入学门槛与儿童留守)
    Yuanyuan Chen, and Wei Fu, 2021. China Economic Quarterly (经济学(季刊)) . Forthcoming.

  • Land Transfer Right, Rural-to-Urban Migration and Agricultural Production (土地承包经营权流转、劳动力流动与农业生产)
    Yuanyuan Chen, and Wei Fu, 2017. Management World (管理世界) 11:79-93.
    Award: The Shanghai 14th Philosophy and Social Science Excellent Academic Achievement Award, 2nd Prize (with Yuanyuan Chen), Shanghai, 2018.

  • Purchased by Government or Provided by Family? Estimating the Substitution Effects of Informal Care (政府购买还是家庭照料? 基于家庭照料替代效应的实证分析)
    Wei Fu, and Feng Huang, 2017. Nankai Economic Studies (南开经济研究) 1:136-152.

  • Ecological Footprint Analysis of the China’s International Trade (中国进出口贸易内涵自然资本的生态足迹分析)
    Wei Fu, and Zhaohua Li, 2013. China Industrial Economics (中国工业经济) 9:5-18.